One of the most important elements for building an online marketing strategy around SEO is the empathy of your audience. Once you understand what target market you are looking for, you can more effectively reach and maintain those users. How people use search engines has evolved over the years, but the basic search queries remain largely unchanged. Most search processes are something like this:

  1. Appearance of the need for an answer, decision or part of the information.
  2. Formulate this need in a string of words and phrases, also known as "query".
  3. Enter the search query into the search engine.
  4. View Matching Results.
  5. Click on a result.
  6. Scan for a solution or link to this solution.
  7. If there is no satisfaction, return to the search results and view another link or ...
  8. Perform a new search with the refinements of the request.

This suggests that we need to build our sites for users rather than search engines. There are three types of search queries people usually do:

Do - Transaction Queries: I want to do something, for example, to buy an air ticket or listen to a song.
I know - information queries: I need information like the name of the group or the best restaurant in New York.

Going - Navigation queries: I want to go to a specific place on the Internet, such as Facebook or the NFL home page.

When visitors write a query in the search box and visit your site, will they be satisfied with what they find? This is the main issue that search engines try to answer billions of times each day. The primary responsibility of search engines is to serve the relevant users. So ask yourself what your target customers are looking for and make sure your site delivers it to them.

Why should you invest time, effort and resources in SEO? When looking at the overall picture of the use of search engines, several surveys show interesting data. The conclusions show that demand is very, very popular. Increasing by nearly 20% per year, it reaches almost every American online and billions of people around the world.

Demand stimulates an incredible amount of online and offline business activity. Keep in mind that higher charts in the first few results are critical to visibility. Including the results list not only provides the greatest amount of traffic but also trusted users with respect to the dignity and relative importance of the company or website.

Learning the basics of SEO is an important step in achieving these goals.